Shane Norwood, IDC Staff Instructor

Shane is the owner of Sharky’s Scuba Shop. He became Open Water certified while in college and fell in love with diving on a family trip to Cozumel. The minute Shane jumped into the ocean, he knew he’d found his passion and life’s work. After graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma, he decided to open his own scuba shop. His dream was fulfilled in 2016 when Sharky’s Scuba Shop opened in Moore, Oklahoma.

Shane’s favorite part of teaching scuba diving is helping students discover the underwater world for the first time. He takes special interest in sharks and their conservation. Along with many PADI certifications, Shane is also certified in GUE Cave Diving 1 and 2. 

He enjoys spending time with his wife Lexie and being daddy to his precious baby Pearl who was born in 2020.